Sunday, 7 October 2012

Indonesia untuk Dunia: Global Geoparks Network

The Global Network of National Geoparks (GGN - Global Geoparks Network) is a voluntary network of Global Geoparks supported by UNESCO. The GGN is a dynamic network where members are committed to work together and exchange ideas of best practise and join in common projects to raise the quality standards of all products and practises of a Global Geopark. 

Batur Global Geopark, Indonesia

Batur Global Geopark is centered around an active volcano located in northeast Bali, between of two round calderas, which are large volcanic craters that formed about 22,000 years ago. The volcano belongs to the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' and forms part of a long chain of similar active volcanoes in Indonesia. The area is rich of elements of macro- and micro-volcanic landforms produced by the volcano across several thousands of years. The volcano of Batur is a typical strato-type volcano built up of alternating layers of pyroclastics and lava flows. The two cataclysmic eruptions in its geological history have produced the amazing caldera-walls, the inside of which is today filled with a deep volcanic lake. The active cone of Batur Volcano has erupted at least 22 times since the 1800s. The island of Bali is a place with many natural and cultural tourist attractions, yet the Batur Volcano stands out for its unique geology and grand scenery. From the cultural side, the Geopark showcases very specific local customs related to the Balinese Hindu religion.


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